35 Years ago, on a VT hillside, Lary and Diana fell in love while picking red, ripe strawberries. These strawberries were a burst of pure pleasure in their mouths. “You can only kiss with just so many strawberries in your mouth.” So, by days end they had a twenty one cubic foot freezer full of strawberries. 
Their roommates ran out of ways to eat strawberries, so Lary and Diana started blending them with other fruits into smoothies. 
At the Champlain Valley Fair in Essex, VT, in a booth built at the famous Shelburne Museum, a unique new food item was born.  And it sold, not like hotcakes, but like smoothies on a 90 degree day! Thus the first ever smoothie company, Strawberry Fields, was born!
With a small Grant from the state of VT, we outfitted a trailer designed by Diana’s brother Tom Moore, a brilliant UnderHill, VT craftsman. 
Our first three recipes were simple, and all made with fresh fruits. 

  • Strawberry Fields
  • Papaya Royale
  • Tropical Delight

The Strawberry Fields smoothie was the first healthy food alternative, ever born on the mid-ways of Corporate America. We were and instant success in both VT and FL, with seven booths in our first year.
In the 80’s, we expanded our offerings to a Hot Foods menu as well, like Giant Burritos and Pitas, etc…. We were among the first to pioneer fresh falafel and an all vegetarian menu. We use hormone free, grass-fed meats and organic veggies whenever possible.
We endeavor to use organic fruits and herbs in our smoothies as well. We’ve since added the green power smoothie called The Wave, as well as an Acai Berry Bowl. We strive to get our suppliers to stock these items in bulk. Whatever the event promoter calls for, we can accommodate. We have several facades for carts, and any size tents as needed. Strawberry Fields has been leading the wave of change in the concession industry since 1979, and continues to be on the cutting edge of food vending. 

Please read our menu. It’s success is tried and true.  See you at the next show!
Much Love and Peace
Lary Budnick
President Strawberry Fields

Our story

"Let me take you down Cause I'm going to Strawberry fields...


Strawberry fields forever"

-The Beatles 1967